Women's 2nd Team Vs Plymouth Uni 3

Date 13 October 2018
Team Women's 2nd Team
Opposition Plymouth Uni 3
Fixture Home
Venue Dragon Leisure Centre
Start time 14:15
Result L 0 - 3
Time played
Match Report

Hurricane Callum swept in to make our match against Plym University 3s, a battle against the elements, as well as on the pitch.  After being passed the baton by the Mens IIs after a very dramatic game, we had a lot to live up to.

There seems to be a bit of a pattern of play in the first half, where we take a while to get it together and in that time, we are liable to concede, so we went into half time 2-0 down.  After the half time hairdyer treatment by Spag and the 0-0 ethos drummed into our heads, we showed much more fight in the second half, against a well set up opposition.  

Steph was tasked with marking the Plymouth playmaker out of the game and our passes started to flow, as we showed much more grit and determination.  We had our chances but the opposition keeper, just got to everything.  The game finished 3-0 but it was a very good performance and lots for us to learn from.

Man of the Match:  Tied between Scarlet and Evie – Scarlet for persistent play and Evie for stepping into defence and bossing it.

Donkey:  Amber for not respecting the pitch dimensions and running straight off the side-line and bowling into our spectators!

Special Mentions:  Erin for taking a short corner when nobody was looking and hitting Sam on the foot.

Emily for not telling anyone she was playing and then turning up – when we had 15 already!

Claire for failing to bring the jelly babies.

Team Teas:  10/10 Sarah for an amazing spread – especially when she only volunteered for doing teas when she thought it was making a few pots of teas and not feeding 30 people!

Thanks to Alan and Jacs for umpiring us and for the spectators for braving the elements to support us.

Charlotte Matthews also played.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Olivia Fitzgerald Defender
Stephanie Key Midfielder
Evie Matthews Midfielder
Lily McCabe Forward
Erin Murphy Midfielder
Amber Sanders Midfielder
Amanda Smith Midfielder
Paulette Spry Forward
Sam Taylor Forward
Kirsten Warburton Goalkeeper
Claire Wright Defender
Emma Carthew Defender
Sarah Derry Midfielder
Scarlett Marks Midfielder