Men's 1st Team Vs Isca C

Date 29 September 2018
Team Men's 1st Team
Opposition Isca C
Fixture Away
Venue Exeter University (Sand Based)
Start time 15:00
Result W 6 - 1
Time played
Scorers Sam Baker, Ross Marsden, Ed Fitzgerald, Ed Fitzgerald, Ed Fitzgerald, Ed Fitzgerald
Match Report

Saturday 29th September 2018. Bodmin looking to start the season off with an excellent result and to build on their last seasons performance step out onto the pitch with such confidence (even tho people had such little confidence in their captain ability... in fact they had as much confidence in him as they had in his neck being able to hold such a weight up!)

Bodmin started with the majority of the possession and looking quite comfortable playing with the ball around the back whilst toying with some play in ISCA’s half, this saw Bodmin increase the pressure allowing Ed Fitzgerald to get involved in the ISCA D multiple times before resulting in a very stretched and at an awkward angle goal from his reverse but still placing the ball firmly in the netting. ISCA quickly moved the ball around which opened up gaps in Bodmins defence. It turns out that Bodmin had nothing to fear with Josh Tucker stepping up (replacing Robin Craig as he can’t be bothered to come to training) as keeper. Eventually ISCA’s continuous pressure saw too many of their team out of position allowing Bodmin a quick breakaway with three of Bodmin’s strikers to come up against the back line of ISCA which was no match for hawk-eye Ed Fitzgerald who managed another reverse goal leaving the ISCA’s goalkeeper checking the goal netting for holes. Eventually, Bodmin worked themselves into a position where a long ball through to Sandy Finlay kept the pressure on ISCA and a one on one attempt with their keeper, unfortunately Sandy decided to fall over the keeper instead of score but it was the thought that counted… Finally, after several minutes of pressured play from both sides, ISCA started to tire which allowed Bodmin to pass the ball around offering another ridiculous reverse goal fromour very own ginger hockey God, Ed Fitzgerald. Bodmin saw a change in ISCA play as their hunger to bring it back helped in securing them a short corner, unfortunately Bodmin, unwilling for them to score, saw James deflect a dragflick into the netting of his own goal (was going in anyway). 

Second half looked very much the same with ISCA coming out wanting to bring it back with some quick attacking play, confidence and control from their defence. ISCA’s midfield started to dominate the possession sending long balls across the pitch searching for holes in the Bodmin formation. But this just allowed the young Bodmin side a chance to counterattack when play was turned over. This lead to a short corner being awarded. The short corner was a blessing to behold, a clinical move that had the ISCA defence contemplating why they even turned up. Sam was the player who slotted it home. After serval more minutes of dominant play from Bodmin, Matt and Ross Marsden ran down ISCA’s half of the pitch with a ball sent out wide to Matt who played it back to Ross Marsden who managed to find himself on the penalty spot angling his stick which caused the ball to trickle pass the keeper and barely making a noise as it taps the backboard.  

Bodmin secured their victory back Ed Fitzgerald yet again scoring on his reverse and the final whistle blew for a 6-1 win to Bodmin.

Green Cards went to Ed for mistaking his stick for a hack-saw and Hugh for agreeing with everything the umpire said. Yellow cards went to Hugh for another agricultural challenge and Ross for his obnoxious face.

MOTM - Ed Fitzgerald needs no explanation 
DOD Ross Marsden again needs no explanation 
Second DOD Hugh Parkinson multiple cards! 

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Sam Baker Utility 1
Michael Claes Utility 2
Sandy Finlay Utility
Ed Fitzgerald Utility 4 Green
James Johnston Utility
Ross Marsden Utility 1 1 Yellow
Niall Parkinson Utility
Hugh Parkinson Utility Green, Yellow
Josh Tucker Goalkeeper
Pete Waddington Utility 1
Mark Webb Utility
Matt Holland Utility